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‘Eureka’ Coming Back For Fourth Season On Syfy

PLUS: Some of the secrets behind the little town that’s filled with them

The word “eureka” means “I found it!” And the Syfy television show “Eureka” is aptly named as it invites audiences to discover a quirky, charming little town of Eureka, along with the wonderfully inventive and quirky individuals that populate the town.

And now fans will get to experience at least a fourth season of the show.

The premise is a government-owned town that recruits the world’s best minds and scientists in order to foster an environment of discovery and invention, which provides the show a limitless landscape of storytelling. And not surprisingly, it was last year’s most watched show on Syfy.

But there are surprises coming to “Eureka.” At least that’s what creator Jaime Paglia told more than 2,500 people who crowded into a room at Comic-Con International on Saturday to hear the latest of the series.

The biggest news is that there will be a new threat during the second half of the third season, which is currently airing on the cable channel. At the same time, there will be returning characters (does Taggart ring a bell?), a whole new character, and even a potential love interest for the handsome Jack Carter. Paglia also shared that the secret of “Eureka’s” success is the delightful, heartwarming characters.

“They are characters I like and want to spend time with,” Paglia said. “It’s like having a big toy box to play with.”

At the same time, real-life has worked its way into the town of Eureka. The real-life pregnancy of Salli Richardson-Whitfield surprised the producers at first, but the writers got to work and allowed that “happy accident” to be turned into a great character-building device that helped Allison and Carter “reconceive” their relationship. Carter immediately stepped up as Allison’s birthing coach, and vowed to be a part of the baby’s live after Stark’s fatal sacrifice in order to save the world.

Richard-Whitfield recounted how funny it was that every time Colin Ferguson touched her belly while filming scenes for the show, the baby would kick and Ferguson would jump back in surprise every single time.

Ferguson, however, didn’t make it to Comic-Con this year. So where was he?

Apparently, Ferguson is in Bulgaria filming “Lake Placid 3.” And just to re-assure fans that he is OK while filming a horror film, Ferguson was called in Bulgaria, and the first thing out of his mouth to Syfy executive Mark Stern: Is “Eureka” coming back for a fourth season?

The answer? Yes, Stern said. “Eureka is getting picked up for a fourth season,” he said to the roar of elation from the crowd.

Neil Grayson, who plays both Fargo and is the voice of the smart house SARAH, said his character was too innocent, and that perhaps he’ll end up being the “big bad guy.”

“Maybe it’s all an act,” Grayson said with a wink.

He also told the audience that he took on the voice of SARAH practically by accident. After the first table read of the script by the actors for the pilot, Grayson jokingly started saying SARAH’s lines in a girly voice. From then on out, Grayson had the job, especially after Paglia consulted his wife and got her approval.

Some things fans can look forward to in coming episode:

— There will be a musical episode, according to Stern. That could mean that Ferguson might have to step back and take a smaller role, and allow co-star Erica Cerra to step up and do some more singing.

— Fargo’s girlfriend Julia will be back. Paglia admitted there are some geographic challenges to deal with since the actress who plays Julia moved back to Los Angeles and the show is shot in Vancouver, British Columbia.

— “Eureka” could go back and address the scene where Zoe and Carter drive past themselves in the pilot episode as Paglia hinted that fans should “never say never” and that he would certainly like to address that hanging storyline. But he cannot envision what that might be just yet.

— Other cast will be directing episodes in the future. In addition to Ferguson directing “Your Face or Mine,” Joe Morton is taking a turn at directing and will be helming the episode where Taggart returns. “It is a joy to to build a world, rather than just being a part of the puzzle.”

— Whatever happened to Kevin, Allison’s son? Richardson-Whitfield asked exasperatingly “What kind of mother am I? I have no idea.” Paglia, however, explained that due to the intense restrictions on working with child actors, it was just about impossible to have them in all the episodes, especially since they regularly work 16-hour days while filming episodes.

“Eureka” airs Fridays at 9 p.m. ET on Syfy.

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