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New Look Of New ‘Doctor Who’ Revealed

Matt Smith already filming scenes for 2010 episodes

A new Doctor. A new companion. And a new Tardis?

That’s what it’s looking like in pictures published Monday in the Daily Mail from the set of “Doctor Who” with Matt Smith and Karen Gillan taking on the roles of The Doctor and companion Amy Pond.

Most of the pics, which can be found right here feature mostly Smith and Gillan, but there are some shots of the Tardis. It’s noticeably bluer than the police call boxes used by Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant, and much cleaner and newer.

There also seems to be a strange design on the windows of the Tardis with the top three panes and the middle bottom pane all black while just two panels are the traditional grey found in the Tardis of the past.

Even more different is the new outfit worn by The Doctor. What’s being called a “science teacher” look, Smith has opted to wear a bow tie, a brown tweed jacket, rolled up pants and Army-style boots. The costume actually looks a bit silly, and is probably one of the more bold outfit choices in the modern run of “Doctor Who.”

It’s definitely a departure from the leather jacket-wielding Eccleston, and even the formal older-style suit of Tennant, complete with sneakers.

“The scripts are brilliant,” Smith told the paper. And they might have to be as audiences get used to its third actor to play the role, and 11th overall. “I’m excited about the future and all the brilliant adventures I get to go on as The Doctor.”

With showrunner Russell T. Davies and star David Tennant departing, the franchise now falls to new executive producer Steven Moffat and Smith. BBC is running the budgets far leaner. In fact, rumors continue to swirl that Smith is earning just under $990,000 in his three-year contract, far less than the $1.6 million Tennant reportedly earned.

Tennant finished filming his scenes for the final specials of the year in May. He will reportedly be reunited with Catherine Tate and Billie Piper for his exit.

The final two episodes of “Doctor Who” with Tennant at the helm will air around Christmas on BBC, and likely will be aired on BBC America in early 2010.

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