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Voting Begins For The 2009 Portal Awards

Cast your ballot between June 25 and July 25! Vote once per day …

Scream it from the rooftops: The Portal Awards have started! The Portal Awards have started.

Ten years and more than a million ballots ago, Airlock Alpha started the Genre Awards, which earlier this year was renamed the Portal Awards as an homage to the former moniker of this very site. And while the nominees have changed over the years, the way the Internet’s first ever virtual fan awards have operated hasn’t.

An international nominating committee spent months poring through thousands of potential nominees in television and movies, and brought you one of our most diverse ballots yet. Yes, for the fourth year in a row, “Battlestar Galactica” dominates the nominations, but can it add to its just two awards from the past, including Best Series/Television in 2007 and a Best Actress/Television win for Mary McDonnell last year?

Or will some of the newest shows to hit television, like “True Blood” and “Dollhouse” take over? And never, ever leave out “Supernatural,” which last year dominated every category it was nominated for, including Best Series/Television.

There is only one way your voice can be heard: Vote! The 2009 Portal Awards ballot is available by clicking here.

There are, of course, some ground rules — also something that has changed in more than a decade. You can vote once per day per valid e-mail address (we will be doing spot checks). We encourage you to get all your friends and maybe fellow fans of particular series to vote for your favorites, but any efforts to “stuff the ballot box” or any other way to circumvent the integrity of the voting process will be handled with no mercy (we are an airlock, after all). It could result in a complete disqualification of not only the suspected ballots, but even what had originally been deemed valid ballots by the same voters.

While we receive thousands of votes every year, we do comb through all of them. It’s very important that you complete at least 75 percent of the ballot. If you are just coming in and voting in one or two categories, your ballot will not count. We prefer everyone vote in every category, but we’ll take most of them.

Voting will continue until July 25, and winners will be announced in late August.

All of our nominees’ work appeared in either television or movie theaters in the United States between June 1, 2008 and May 31, 2009. While we use the United States as a way to provide consistency to our nominating process, the committee that chose nominees is international, and voting is open to any reader anywhere in the world. All you need is Internet access.

So vote, get your friends to vote, get your mom to vote, and if your pet fish has an e-mail address, get him to vote! You have no idea how many awards in the past have been decided by just a handful of votes. So it’s important to vote once per day and not miss a single day!

And while you’re here, Airlock Alpha is one of the Internet’s leading independent general science-fiction news sites. We cover both television and movies, complete with reviews, ratings information, some of the Internet’s best feature columns, first look at video of television and movies, and more!

We’re also one of the Internet’s most reliable rumor sites. While not every rumor can end up being true, we have a strong track record. Heck, we were saying that “Dollhouse” was going to be renewed by Fox more than a month before anyone even believed it was possible.

You also have the chance to get Airlock Alpha news and updates in many places. You can join our mailing list simply by sending a blank e-mail to You also can follow our very popular Twitter feed by visiting

And if you prefer RSS feeds, you can find ours by clicking here.

So vote early … vote often! Vote here!

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