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Brian Austin Green Plays New Nemesis On ‘Smallville’

Turns down role on another The CW series to take on a new genre project

Still no announcement on just who is going to play Zod, but one other villain for the ninth season of “Smallville” has been cast, and it’s none other than Brian Austin Green.

The actor, who got his break from the original Fox series “90210,” has been extremely active in genre television in recent years, including two seasons as a recurring (and later regular) character in “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles” on Fox. Now, according, to TV Guide, Green is going to be the latest challenge to Tom Welling’s Clark Kent as Metallo.

The producers of The CW series really dug back into comic book history for this character. First introduced in the medium in 1959, Metallo has had a few incarnations over the years. But his most accepted profile was one created in the mid-1980s in the “Man of Steel” miniseries. John Corben was mortally wounded in a car crash, but by happenstance, was able to get the attention of a professor who feared that more people like Superman were on their way to the planet, according to Wikipedia.

The scientist implanted Corben’s brain into a robot and powered him with kryptonite — something Superman seems to have some allergies to.

It’s not clear how much Green’s character will resemble the comic book, or if he will be playing a robot, but it seems to be an interesting casting coup for the show that is most likely in its final year.

Green reportedly turned down a role on “One Tree Hill” to take on “Smallville,” and will appear in at least the first two episodes of the ninth season.

“Smallville” does move to Fridays in the fall on The CW, premiering Sept. 25.

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