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Tennant In Talks For ‘Doctor Who’ Movie?

Despite regeneration into Matt Smith, Tennant could remain The Doctor, at least on the big screen

If you are suffering from Whovian withdrawal this year, this may give you the adrenalin shot you’ve been needing. Series star David Tennant is apparently in talks to appear in a new movie based on the current “Doctor Who” series.

This year the popular BBC show took a massive episode cut by going from 13 episodes down to only a handful of specials in an effort to help more smoothly complete the transition between showrunners Russell T. Davies and Steven Moffat. The absence of the Time Lord has left fans clamoring for more and eagerly awaiting the third season premiere of “Torchwood” which also has taken a hefty episode cut. Instead of the normal full season run, “Children Of Earth” will air as a five-part miniseries next month.

Both shows have remained the lynchpin in the BBC’s plans for genre domination with other spinoffs already proving to be a success, including “The Sarah Jane Adventures,” and rumors still circulating on a Lee Evans series following the broadcast of the latest special, “Planet Of The Dead.”

However if the reports of a big screen movie are true, this could signal a pivotal change in the BBC’s strategy for the genre. And despite his forthcoming regeneration and departure from the series, Tennant could most definitely be part of it.

“The script is still in the early stages but David wants to be in the film,” a source has told The Daily Express. “There have already been discussions and David needs to feel the story is right but right now things are looking very positive.”

And, if the movie proves to be a success, more sequels could be on the cards … and Tennant is definitely interested in continuing his adventures in time and space on the big screen.

“He understandably wants to go off and do different roles but he still loves ‘Doctor Who,'” the source said. “If the film takes off and there’s demand for more, he can continue to play The Doctor occasionally without having the pressure of the relentless schedule that the TV series demands.”

“The Waters Of Mars” is expected to air in the fall and “Torchwood: Children Of Earth” will air beginning July 20.

None of this has been confirmed by BBC or by David Tennant, so it should continue be treated as any rumor would.

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