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AlphaBits: Steven Moffat Takes ‘Doctor Who’ Back In Time

BREAKING: Katee Sackhoff joins ’24,’ Entertainment Weekly reports

Cher used to wonder what life would be like if she could turn back time, but apparently now that new “Doctor Who” showrunner Steven Moffat has control of the Tardis, he can do it for real.

Moffat reportedly plans to change up the opening credits of “Doctor Who” when it returns in 2010 for its fifth season by adding the likeness of 11th Doctor Matt Smith … something that hasn’t been done since the original series went off the air in the 1980s.

The tradition of including the face of The Doctor in the opening credits began with Patrick Troughton after he first took over the role from original Doctor William Hartnell. However, after the show’s cancellation and in the failed attempt to bring the show back in the mid-1990s, the likeness disappeared.

While the star of the show’s name is included in the opening credits, his face hasn’t in the modern series, instead giving fans nothing more than a view of a time vortex and the Tardis itself.

But is this just the beginning of things from the past we’ll see showing up in the new Moffat-led series? — [Bleeding Cool]


Katee Sackhoff on board ’24’: It almost didn’t happen, but Entertainment Weekly‘s Michael Ausiello has been able to confirm that Katee Sackhoff, ex-Starbuck in SciFi Channel’s “Battlestar Galactica,” has been cast to play the regular role of Dana Walsh next season on Fox’s “24.”

She’ll be a data analyst on the show, and she almost didn’t end up with the role after apparently taking herself out of the running. However, she’s on board, and will apparently get some fun roles with Freddie Prinze Jr., who has been cast as her love interest, Davis Cole. — [Entertainment Weekly]


Felicia Day rumors continue: If you didn’t know who Felicia Day was before this past week, then shame on you. But anyone who has had their ear glued to Twitter certainly found out quickly.

A couple of fans of the “Doctor Horrible’s Singalong Blog” actress jokingly started a hashtag called #feliciadayrumors which spiraled into the next Twitter sensation over the weekend.

It contained obviously satirical and “joking” rumors about Day, including things like she invented decaf coffee or was the Smoke Monster from “Lost.”

But now there’s a site in place to allow you to vote for your favorite Tweets in the hashtag, called surprisingly enough,

There you can see random Tweets, plus vote for your favorites. As of early Monday morning, the top choice was from @Anthony_Pape that said Felicia Day “can stop global warming, but she likes it hot.”

Be sure to check out the site, and if you’re on Twitter, add @airlockalpha to who you follow. It’s worth it! — []


Comic-Con bucks the recession: What recession?

Unless you live in San Diego, the annual Comic-Con convention there can be pretty expensive. But that doesn’t mean tougher economic times are going to keep people home.

At least one prominent show says they won’t even be able to show up there this year, yet tickets for Comic-Con sold like hot cakes, selling out in near record time.

Just when we hoped there would be less than 150,000 people there this year … we were wrong. But hey, at least we know fans are still going to good conventions! — [The Notorious I.G.]


Some more new faces on ‘Heroes’: Looks like there will be a lot of changes taking place on NBC’s “Heroes” for its fourth season, including new cast members.

Madelina Zima, who also appears in the premium cable channel show “Californication,” has joined the show to play Hayden Panettiere’s college roommate. But Zima isn’t the only one.

Rachel Melvin from “Days of Our Lives” will play Annie, another recurring character who also will be sharing living space with Claire Bennet. Talk about a crowded room! — [The Hollywood Reporter]


Airlock Alpha … Under the knife: If you didn’t visit Airlock Alpha over the weekend, you’re probably reading this and realizing that something looks a little different.

Yep, our community engineer Shane Churchman has been real busy, and gave Airlock Alpha a facelift, despite the fact that we launched this new design (and name) in March. But you have to remember: We put all of this together in a hurry, and now you’re looking at how Shane and our chief technology officer Nick Chase would’ve done things if we had a couple months instead of a couple weeks.

Hope you enjoy it! Let me know either way by dropping me an e-mail directly at — [Airlock Alpha]


Doctor In … Doctor Out: Friends of Seb Neale were devastated by the news that he had died at the young age of 26.

Not only did Neale bear a striking resemblance to David Tennant, he was a huge “Doctor Who” fan. So instead of finding a church to honor the life of their friend, they did what I hope my funeral is like: They made it “Doctor Who”-themed.

… complete with a Tardis coffin. I’m serious! Neale was actually cremated in the coffin, which actually had a flashing blue light on the top, and he held a sonic screwdriver in his hand.

Talk about a dramatic exit. — [The Mirror]

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