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AlphaBits: ABC Gets Promo Inspiration From USA Network

PLUS: Is ‘Star Trek XI’ really a big stinkeroo?

Ever wondered what it was like if all the characters from your favorite shows lived in one big house?

ABC wants to give fans that very experience with a new advertising campaign that will put everyone under one big roof.

ABC has plans to keep its actors in character, with different shows intermingling with each other, including “Lost” for its final season. It’s somewhat reminiscent of what USA Network has done in the past with various characters from its original series running into each other in ad spots, and reacting as they would if the actors were actually the characters they portrayed.

“We want to create the idea of ABC as more of a place, reinforcing the idea that all of your favorite shows live in one spot,” said Mike Benson, the marketing executive vice president of ABC. “So we took it literally, and actually have a house where all of our characters live.”

Maybe it will work for ABC, which had a strong but mostly average season last year. “Lost” definitely needs a boost … its numbers this year were far below what it’s ever received before. — [Variety]


The Next Green Lantern?: Could Nathan Fillion of “Firefly” (and now “Castle”) fame be the next Green Lantern?

I don’t know, but Jaron Pitts has created a trailer that certainly should put the taste in some studio executive’s mouth. Check it out.

And yes, there are scenes and music from a variety of places, including the new “Star Trek” movie. But still … pushing all the recycling aside, this is one bad-ass trailer. — [/Film]


Here’s what J.J. Abrams was REALLY doing: It’s been a few weeks now since “Star Trek XI” premiered, and it’s still filling seats in the theater. But did director J.J. Abrams take some stabs at both William Shatner and classic Trek?

Some fans believe that Abrams was making fun of Shatner by using the Beastie Boys song “Sabotage” in the same scene he drove a mid-1960s Corvette off the cliff, possibly a metaphor of running the original series off a cliff.

Apparently, Shatner has had trouble saying the word “sabotage” in the past.

“Yes, I have heard that theory,” Abrams said. “It was so funny when I heard it. I wish I could say it was done on purpose, but it was not. I just dig the song.”

Abrams also said that some other elements, including the early introduction of the Romulans to the USS Kelvin, made some very significant timeline changes, including knowledge of what the Romulans look like and the fact that technology had to advance faster because of bigger threats such as the Romulans, hence the bigger, sleeker, Enterprise. — [MTV]


Will Katee Sackhoff dare to become devilish?: Rumors have been circulating that Twentieth Century Fox is considering rebooting “Daredevil” after the fiasco of the Ben Affleck attempt in 2003. But could there be a “Battlestar Galactica” connection?

A Los Angeles comic book shop says Katee Sackhoff, who played Starbuck in the rebooted SciFi Channel series, stopped in recently and picked up as many Daredevil comics as she could find. Apparently she was doing research on the character of Typhoid Mary, as she could very well be up for such a role.

Maybe having Sackhoff on board will make “Daredevil” something to look forward to in the next couple years? — [Geek Tyrant]


Rosie O’Donnell finds a man: When Rosie O’Donnell talks, people are listening. Even if what she’s sharing could be fit into a single Twitter post.

The former daytime talk show host and comedienne said she was disappointed about Adam Lambert’s loss in “American Idol” on Fox, but felt that people will soon be idolizing Chris Pine from the new “Star Trek” movie.

In fact, O’Donnell called Pine, who plays Kirk in the film, “a superstar.”

Some might say that’s good praise coming from a star herself, but not everyone is on the Rosie O’Donnell bandwagon these days. — [NBC Chicago]


A last hurrah for the Tardis: Russell T. Davies, who brought “Doctor Who” back from the dead, invited a BBC reporter into the Tardis for one last visit following the conclusion of David Tennant’s tenure in the role, and there is some great video and thoughts from the outgoing showrunner, which you can find by clicking here. — [BBC]


Out with the old …: There was concern that the latest “Star Trek” movie would strongly appeal to older fans while once again ignoring potential new, younger fans. But not Jessica Atwater, who grew up on the show.

The blogger for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer not only disliked the movie, but apparently missed the part where the story was an alternate timeline, and thus would take a very different route from the original, going as far as calling it an “intergalactic stinkeroo.”

“As far as I’m concerned, it’s time to get the shovel for this corpse,” Atwater wrote. “I am surprised that given the thought and care that went into the sets, cinematography and staging, the same dedication was not given to research. Goodness knows, that there certainly is enough written about this series as well as the original episodes (all available on DVD) to provide information on even the smallest historical details.

“Given all that, how was it that so many mistakes were made in the simple mythology of that universe? How could they have gotten it so wrong? Wasn’t anyone doing any simple fact-checking?”

The only person that got it all wrong was Jessica Atwater. Yeah, new timeline caused by time travel. Read up on it. — [Seattle Post-Intellligencer]


… In with the new: And the young crowd, they really seem to like this film. Danny Guttas, a sophomore at Sacred Heart-Griffin High School in Wellsville, N.Y., had plenty of nice things to say about J.J .Abrams’ latest work.

“The characters, though, are where the movie really shines,” Guttas said. “Viewers feel as though they are channeling the characters themselves. The actors also gave new flair to the characters, adding new nuances and subtleties to their performances. This way, they can be enjoyable for the old and new, much like the entire movie itself.

“‘Star Trek’ is sure to delight, entertain and inspire. This will allow future generations not only to appreciate the old, but look to the new. They will turn their heads to the stars. Let the heavens beam them up.” — [Wellsville Daily Reporter]


Ashens Update: And now your moment of Ashens … Stuart Ashens, that is.

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