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TwitterCap: A Fourth Season For ‘Heroes,’ Grunberg Says

UPDATE: Brent Spiner explains his Twitter

Twitter has been known to create panic (see: Felicia Day and “Dollhouse”) and unjustified optimism (see: any post about “Knight Rider” returning). But “Heroes” actor Greg Grunberg (@greggrunberg) says his NBC show will be back for more.

“‘Heroes’ is going to be sick on Monday! Sick!” he said early Sunday morning. And in case anyone thinks the next two episodes of the NBC series is the last, think again.

“These are the last two episodes of this season,” said the actor who plays Matt Parkman in the series. “We will be back for Season 4!”

Of course, whether that’s optimism or some inside knowledge, only Grunberg knows.

Grunberg’s Twitter pal Wil Wheaton (@wilw) has been focused squarely on the National Hockey League playoffs, but the “Star Trek: The Next Generation” actor is also spending time in enemy Star Wars territory.

“Just watched R2 and 3PO take an escape pod to Tatooine,” Wheaton said. “Damn you, George Lucas. In spite of it all, I still love this movie.”

Wil! Don’t cross to the Dark Side! Hmmm, maybe it’s too late.

Two actors that have been quite active in the Twittersphere are David Blue (@davidblue) and Brian Jacob Smith (@brianjacobsmith) from the new SciFi Channel show “Stargate: Universe.” On Friday, Smith told fans he had a “hilarious day on-set. And very sweaty.” He also went on a field trip with co-star Justin Louis, who he described as “one of the funniest guys I’ve met” besides Blue, of course.

Blue saw the post, and quickly responded. “Hmmmm. Can’t tell if you said that because it’s true, or because you know I’d read it,” Blue said to Smith. “I’ll pretend it’s true, then.”

Blue, however, was a bit distracted this weekend, looking for an apartment (presumably in Vancouver, British Columbia, where “Universe” films). But so far it’s been a little rough for him.

“Ack … my favorite apartment is more expensive,” he told his followers Sunday. “What a shock. I’d say the ‘grass is always greener’ about the apartment hunt, but it’s too damned literal.

And by the way, Michael Shanks from “Stargate: SG-1” fame has already filmed his scenes for “Universe,” according to his wife, former “Andromeda” actress Lexa Doig (@lexashmexa). Doig said Shanks “had a good time.” But the real question is, will this show be awesome or not?

Another TNG actor, Brent Spiner (@brentspiner) is sharing some great things through Twitter. Sadly, very few people seem to know exactly what he is Twittering about. Just a week or so ago, he was talking about life in some sort of mental institution or prison (still not sure what it was). And now he shared with fans that he “spent the day in fetal position. Amber came by. Wanted to know what was wrong. I told her I was just having a Viet Nam flashback. Hugged me.”

OK, Brent. Whatever you say, man.

UPDATE: Brent e-mailed us since the story first published to explain what he’s doing, and now it makes far more sense.

“If you go back to March 28, you will see that I’m writing an ongoing story,” Spiner said. “A little piece of Twiction if you will. It’s an experiment in some kind of performance art. A modern ‘Day of the Locust’ sort of thing with me in the lead character.

“Meant to amuse … not confuse.”

I went back to March 28, and this is definitely worth the read now if you read the story from the beginning, and not just bits and pieces like I had done. This is great stuff, Brent, and sorry about the initial confusion!

Finally, Eugene Roddenberry (@roddenberry) says he’s giving Twitter another try and is back giving some updates again. So far, though, he’s only had a chance to promote his Catalina Island “Star Trek XI” screening on opening weekend. I wish I could be there for that, but my mom is going to be visiting from Pennsylvania, and not sure if she would appreciate getting off the plane and watching me board one for California.

In any event, it will be great to see what Rod has to say through this very short form of communication.

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