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A little too much X-skin?

REVIEW: The Season 9 premiere of ‘The X-Files’ goes under the microscope

Welcome to the new season of “The X-Files.”

After a postponement, due to the final game of the World Series and the Sept. 11 tragedy, we finally got to see what life is like without Fox Mulder (David Duchovny). And that answer came in the new episode called “Nothing Important Happened Today.”

From what I saw, life will almost be the same.

But before I get to the review, let’s take a stroll down memory lane, to take a look back at what happened on the last episode of Season 8, “Existence.”

A stroll down memory lane

Last season’s finale marked the final episode for Duchovny. Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) and Monica Reyes (Annabeth Gish) are running from a group of ex-abductees wanting to take Scully’s unborn baby away from her. They believe that Scully’s baby is the first human/alien hybrid to be born. So these ex-abductees want to take the child away from Scully to protect it.

Reyes takes Scully to an old ghost town where she could have the baby in peace. But as she is, the ex-abductees find them and are prepared to take the baby. But when it’s born, the ex-abductees see the child and leave, possibly meaning that Scully’s baby is not what they thought it was. The kid, to Scully, was just a miracle.

Meanwhile, Billy Miles — an ex-abductees — is looking for Scully at the FBI building and runs into Mulder, Asst. Director Skinner (Mitch Pileggi) and John Doggett (Robert Patrick), who are listening to Krycek (Nicholas Lea) tell them about the super-soldier program the government started up. He says that Miles is a new kind of alien created to re-populate the planet. Later, Skinner is forced to kill Krycek with a bullet in the head and Doggett’s informant dies by crashing into a poll and having his car explode. At the end we see Mulder and Scully holding the baby in their arms, kissing.

My Synopsis

Our new season starts off 48 hours after tha last episode with the introduction of Shannon McMahon (Lucy Lawless) sitting in a bar, apparently waiting for Carl Wormys, deputy administrator for the Environmental Protection Agency. After a brief conversation about Chloramine Base T-4, the two end up riding in his car. Before he knows it, McMahon has forced the two over a drawbridge and into the water where McMahon drags him under water and drowns him.

Reyes later gets a call from the new Assistant Director, Brad Follmer (Cary Elwes), a man from her past who was the reason why she was transferred to Washington in the first place. He hands Reyes a security tape of the night that Krycek and Knowle Rohrer (Doggett’s informant) die, but the tape doesn’t show any of this happening. Skinner calls Doggett and Reyes into his office to tell them to drop the investigation that was looking into Assistant Director Kersh.

Doggett, now frustrated, goes looking for Mulder. When he gets to Mulder’s apartment, he finds all of Mulder’s stuff gone. Meanwhile, we find out that has McMahon survived. Doggett then investigates Rohrer’s past to see if he could find any answers. Knowle Rohrer was one of his men in his old army troop. While looking for this, he comes across a picture of his troop. One of the people in the picture is Shannon McMahon.

In Scully’s apartment, while Scully is sleeping, the baby’s mobile starts to turn, wakening Scully up. She stops it, but is starts to spin again. Dogget wants Scully to do an autopsies on the body of the first victim, Karl Womoss. Follmer gets wind of this and tells Kersh that this is happening. Kersh then tells Follmer to put a stop to this. Meanwhile, the Lone Gunmen found a connection between the first and second victims. Both of them were relaying messages to each other about the Chloramine.

Doggett and Skinner go to the water treatment plant to find out what Womoss was up to. While there, Follmer arrives and chases the two of them around the plant. He catches up with Skinner, but loses Dogget. Dogget them hides in a water container and out of the blue, McMahon appears, grabs his ankle and pulls him down …

My Thoughts

This was a really good, well-thought episode. But unfortunately, it missed answering the question of where Mulder is. I don’t think that will be answered soon, but they did drop some hints.

One, the bags in Scully’s apartment, were they Mulder’s? And, two, Mulder’s empty apartment. Where ever he went, he was able to collect all his stuff and move out in two days.

I felt there was too much nudity. The naked guy in the shower (which I think was Mulder), Reyes sleeping topless, Lawless getting out of the water tank naked, and at the end, Lawless grabbing Doggett, still naked.

She “drowned” with clothes on, what happened to them? I thought the writers would expand on Lawless’s character more, but added the question, how could she survive that long under water? An alien perhaps?

I wasn’t too impressed with Cary Elwes. Where did he come from? By the sounds of it, he’s been there for awhile now. At least longer than Reyes. Is the new assistant director good, bad or neutral? Also, I wasn’t impressed with his acting. It seemed forced, like he wasn’t comfortable with his character. But all and all, it was a very strong showing for the long running show, without it’s main character.

The New Beginning

Great. I’ve been waiting for them to do something with the opening credits. Compared with last year’s, this one’s a great improvement. It’s been modernized. The best thing is that they never changed too much of the music. They’ve added Annabeth Gish and Mitch Pileggi to the intro, so that tells me they’re going to have bigger roles in this season.

Best Moment

When Reyes is sitting in Mulder’s old desk, she breaks the tip of her pencil. Looks in the drawers for more pencils. There’s none. She looks up and sees all the pencils Mulder threw up, sticking to the ceiling tiles. She gets up on the desk and grabs one.

Best Quote

Reyes talking to Follmer. “Don’t forget to piss on all the corners before you leave.” And walks out.


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Matt Jordan is a television reviewer for Airlock Alpha. He lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

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