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Elwes talks ‘The X-Files’

The show’s newest addition explains why he took on this rare television appearance

Photo courtesy of Fox TelevisionCary Elwes has found a new home on “The X-Files,” which premieres Sunday at 9 p.m. ET on Fox, and he said he never considered turning creator Chris Carter down.

“I don’t know what he saw [of my work], I’m just glad he saw something he liked because he said that he had written the part for me, and I was very flattered by that,” Elwes recently told Zap2it. “He wanted someone who was a good foil for Doggett because Robert Patrick — who plays Agent Doggett so well by the way — plays this guy who’s very impulsive by nature, a very emotionally-driven character who is constantly being thwarted by his superiors. He’s the renegade and my character is a lot more straight-laced than that.”

And it seems like Annabeth Gish’s character, Monica Reyes, has gotten around, as her past seems to go beyond just Doggett.

“I liked the whole aspect of introducing him as a character who had some sort of past relationship with Monica,” Elwes said. “I thought that was very interesting, making him a guy who was somewhat jealous of her close relationship with Agent Doggett.

“They’ve written it very well. It’s not like some sort of cheese sitcom where you cut to commercial just before someone says, ‘You were with her?’ ” Elwes said about the possible triangle with Reyes and Doggett. “It’s clever stuff, and that’s what I really was attracted to — the writing. If it isn’t there on the page, I usually toss it.”

Elwes said he hasn’t been a regular viewer of the show, but hopes he can pull out the character of Assistant Director Brad Follmer with the quality that the fans are expecting.

“I just hope I don’t disappoint,” he said. “I don’t want to incur their wrath. They’ll probably be the deciding factor on whether Brad stays or not.”

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