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Andromeda to return to Earth

It took more than a season and a half to happen, but it’s going to happen

So, whatever happened to Earth after the fall of the Commonwealth on “Gene Roddenberry’s Andromeda?” We’ll find out this coming season when the Andromeda Ascendant makes the big return back to Earth.

“‘Bunker Hill’ is shaping up to be a freaking amazing episode,” said Zack Stentz, a writer for the series, while talking with fans on the TrekBBS boards.

Also, Stentz mentioned that the series is currently shooting the 12th episode of the season, “Ouroboros,” written by co-executive producer Robert Hewitt Wolfe. Stentz said that the Perseid Hohne (Alex Diakun) will return in the episode, his second appearance for Season 2, after “Into the Labyrinth.” Hohne’s assistant from “The Banks of the Lethe,” Rekeep (Rik Kiviaho) also will return.

“I love both of these actors, so it should be a lot of fun to see them back on the Andromeda sets,” Stentz said. “And if Robert’s incredible script is any indication, this should be another winner. Season 2 has so far had a shocking lack of episodes that suck, and (in my humble opinion), we have yet to break the streak. Let’s see if we can keep it up.”

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