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Hey leaves Farscape

The Zhaan actress is rumored to be heading to ‘Andromeda’

Photo courtesy of the official Virginia Hey Webpage. Photo copyright owned by Jim Henson Productions

After three years as the blue, bald-headed Zhaan on Sci-Fi Channel’s “Farscape,” Virginia Hey has made an unexpected departure from the show.

During this weekend’s DragonCon in Atlanta, Hey told fans about how surprised she was to learn that her character was being killed off.

ZIPMUTT, a poster on the official Andromeda message boards, said that while Hey didn’t say she was really sick of the makeup, she was unhappy about not being able to have hair and eyebrows in real life.

“She described herself as looking like a ‘thumb’ for three years, and she really missed the things about her exterior self that represented her femininity (namely, hair),” the poster said. “She said she felt exhausted and drained from the process of being blue (all those hours in makeup, being scrubbed clean, not having much time to recuperate). So, she asked for her time to be cut back from 22 (episodes) to something like 6 eps per season, feeling that she would be able to really give her absolute best in those limited eps, as opposed to only a marginal performance (in her opinion) by being stretched so thin in so many eps. Zhaan’s death is as much a surprise to her as it was to us.”

Series star Ben Browder talked about Hey’s departure as well in the October issue of Dreamwatch magazine.

“I think Virginia leaving the show has had a profound effect,” he said. “But the show has gone through evolutions and revolutions throughout the course of its history, so what it does is just create another challenge. When a character works as beautifully as Zhaan, you can’t replace it, so there’s a sense of loss about that in the storytelling process and on the set. I think there’s a sense of loss for the audience as well, especially those people who were particularly attached to Zhaan. It’s a difficult loss to deal with, but it’s also part of life and part of storytelling.”

There are some rumors of Hey joining the cast of “Gene Roddenberry’s Andromeda” in some form or another, but there has been no confirmation through any sources of the validity of that rumor.

Thanks to Cy fy Pulse for the lead and providing some of the source material for this story.

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