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Forget Matt Damon, Daniel Craig Wants To Be Kirk

James Bond actor says one longtime franchise is not enough

After starring in the most popular James Bond film of all time, “Casino Royale,” blond British hunk Daniel Craig has his sights set on yet another cultural icon, this time American.

Since the news is appearing on this site, there can’t be too many guesses to make. If you said Star Trek, give yourself a star!

“I would love a stint in the TV show or in a film,” Craig recently told the World Entertainment News Network about Star Trek. “It’s been a secret ambition of mine for years.”

That could mean some interest in the upcoming proposed Star Trek XI movie from producer J.J. Abrams that reportedly will resurrect the characters of Kirk and Spock.

James Bond and Kirk? It seems almost too much, even for William Shatner.

Many fans and critics have said that Star Trek, if it were to be reborn, would need some significant star power, and it’s been no surprise that names like “The Good Shepherd’s” Matt Damon have been bantied about. But Daniel Craig? That’s some tremendous box office might.

If Craig were to take on a major role in the next Star Trek film, that could mean two major films that would have his name attached in 2008 since he’s already scheduled to appear in the 22nd James Bond film.

Despite his apparent love of science-fiction, Craig has very little genre work to his credit. He did appear in a 1996 episode of HBO’s “Tales of the Crypt” and played Alex West in 2001’s “Lara Croft: Tomb Raider.”

He does have a sci-fi-like project coming up this year, however, when he stars alongside Nicole Kidman in “The Invasion.” It was a movie he was filming before he was even selected to become the next James Bond.

No casting has been announced for the film (and it’s unlikely that casting is yet even under way since Star Trek XI is still in the script phase, so Craig’s statements were more expressing his intentions, and not necessarily that of Paramount Pictures.

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