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Shatner Never Wanted To Trek To Space

Despite life’s problems, the actor who played Captain James T. Kirk would rather stay here on Earth.

“Who the heck wants to go out into space?!” William Shatner told The Ottawa Citizen, dismissing with a laugh the rumors that he purchased a seat aboard Virgin Galactics planned flights for 2008.

The Montreal-born actor has two Emmy awards to his name and is happy with his life here on Earth.

Im happy now and Ive got a full and loving life, he said. I cant in my right mind say I would have done anything different, even though there have been a lot of terrible moments in my life.

Shatners career has been filled with ups and downs. When he first came to Hollywood, after graduating from McGill University, Shatner struggled finding a role. His first acting job was playing a crook in “The Butlers Night” in 1951. Then, in 1966, “Star Trek” thrust him into the limelight. However, soon after “Star Trek” was canceled, his first wife left him, taking all the money he had earned with the show.

For the next few years, a truck bed camper served as his home. Then, in the 1980s he had success with the cop show T.J. Hooker, as well as the Star Trek films. Tragedy struck again in 1997, when his third wife died accidentally in their swimming pool.In 2004, he joined the legal drama “The Practice” as sleazy lawyer Denny Crane. The character eventually moved over to “Boston Legal,” where Shatner won his two Emmys. (He had been nominated once before, for his role as the Big Giant Head on “Third Rock from the Sun.”)

He hadnt planned to return to television. I had in mind more leisure time, said 75-year-old Shatner. However, Im probably enjoying it more than any other acting work Ive done in a long time. He says it was the uniqueness of Denny and the producer David Kellys genius that drew him back into series TV.

Shatner is a busy man. In addition to his acting, hes recently released a critically acclaimed album with Ben Folds – a far cry from “The Transformed Man” he recorded in the 1960s, which has been the butt of many jokes. He breeds and shows American Saddlebreds and Quarter Horses, as well as produces and hosts the annual Hollywood Charity Horse Show. Hes published both nonfiction – – “Star Trek Memories” and “Star Trek Movie Memories” – – and fiction – – the TekWar series that was made into a TV show in 1994 – – books. He even briefly served as a wrestling manager on the World Wrestling Federations Monday Night Raw.

A current project of his is a monthly DVD club where, for a low annual fee, members receive a science fiction, fantasy or horror movie every month.

I dont know what William Shatner is, he said. I guess William Shatner is whatever he is at the moment.

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