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Science Fiction Museum Offers Fans Chance To Change The Face Of Sci Fi

Film festival allows fans to create their own show

It seems that everyone is a critic these days. Television networks spend a lot of time pumping out shows for them to be either given the thumbs up or brutally slaughtered by the very audience they were designed to entertain.

So if you’re tired of watching some of those poor quality shows with dubious production values, now you have a chance to do something about it — thanks to the Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame and the Seattle International Film Festival.

The Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame (SFM), which is the first museum of its kind, come together in a partnership with the Seattle International Film Festival Group (SIFF) in order to run the worlds first annual Science Fiction Short Film Festival aimed at boosting the adoration of fans for the science fiction art.

Up until November 1, aspiring directors, filmmakers, screenwriters and producers are all invited to participate in the venture by submitting original short films with the top prize being a pitch meeting with SciFi Channel executives for the opportunity to write and/or direct a two-hour film for the network.

“Seattle’s robust art scene and strong film culture offers opportunities for creative filmmakers to tell stories within the framework of science fiction, and fosters a connection between filmmakers, directors, producers, writers and audiences,” said Therese Littleton, a spokesperson for the SFM. “This is a great event to recognize achievement and innovation in science fiction filmmaking and storytelling disciplines and SFM is very proud to be a part of it.”

All submissions received are judged based on the same milestones viewers set on their favourite series –originality, quality, artistic merit, innovation, voice, style and narrative.

As for the judging of the entries, the festival has a few esteemed members including Douglas Trumbull, Oscar winning director and special effects master, Lawrence Krauss, internationally recognized physicist, and Thomas Vitale, and SciFi Channel senior vice president of programming and original movies, to name a few.

A complete listing of the rules and regulations for entry to the festival can be found at and

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