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UPN promo

UPN buckles over Enterprise promo

When reruns started last night in the U.S. for Star Trek: Voyager, there were once again promotional spots for “Enterprise” … but this time, a prominent captain was not left out.

Bob Boulnight, a marketing executive at the United Paramount Network, contacted Star Trek news site TrekToday this week to answer many fan complaints that the character of Capt. Benjamin Sisko (Avery Brooks) from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine was noticeably absent from the list of captains that included Janeway, Picard and Kirk (as well as Spock).

However, UPN corrected that oversight with a new promotional spot that began airing this week.

“The spot that aired in Voyager’s finale last week had Janeway, Picard, Spock and Kirk in the copy. Some of (the members of Trek BBS) objected that Sisko should have been mentioned as well since he was a captain, but as another one of your members rightly guessed, the more well-known characters in the Star
Trek saga were named.”

Bouknight said that UPN’s marketing team was simply trying to create fan perspective of the new series by using character recognition, and said that not using Sisko was “no way intended as a snub to DS9 or Avery Brooks.”

“I hope your memebrs will be pleased to learn that we are listening to their concerfns and observations. We’ve updated the promo tease to include Sisko, and it will begin airing during the two hours of Voyager on primetime UPN Wednesday, May 30.”

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