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IMDb’s Age Discrimination Lawsuit Could Be Over Before It Begins

Judge in the constitutional challenge makes it clear he’s pretty much ready to make a ruling.

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Although it only started last November, a federal judge hearing Internet Movie Database’s constitutional challenge to a new California law appears to be ready to wrap the lawsuit up.

Judge Vince Chhabria told both IMDb and California state officials ahead of a meeting Thursday to be ready to discuss a summary judgment in the case, or at least be ready to share what else Chhabria would have to consider before making an early decision.

That could be a significant win for IMDb, which at this point is seeking only a temporary injunction to halt California Assembly Bill 1687 requiring the website to remove ages of people featured in profiles. IMDb has claimed the law violates First Amendment rights to publish factual information, while California contends such a law is necessary to battle rampant age discrimination in Hollywood.

A summary judgement would end the current case right in its tracks – at least at this level – and could declare the California law unconstitutional. It suggests Chhabria believes he has all the evidence he needs to make a decision, said John Woodman, an attorney with Sodoma Law in Charlotte, North Carolina, who is not involved with the case.

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