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‘American Horror Story’ Ripping Next Theme From Headlines?

Ryan Murphy – seriously or jokingly, we’re just not sure – says the next theme will force viewers to relive the most recent American presidential election.

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We have to be a little honest here – we’re actually not sure if Ryan Murphy is joking or not.

But in a recent appearance on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live, Murphy supposedly revealed the main storyline for the next season of American Horror Story. And once you hear what it is, you’ll surely understand our skepticism.

So after storylines that have dealt with asylums, murder houses, freak shows, even the lost Roanoke Colony. Murphy, according to The Hollywood Reporter, has revealed the theme to next season’s American Horror Story is … the 2016 presidential election?

You remember that, right? It was the battle between the Republican, Donald Trump, and the Democrat, Hillary Clinton. And depending on where you stand when it comes to political issues, it either was a horrific result, or somehow avoided a horrific result.

It seems like a rather odd topic to tackle, especially for a horror anthology series. But then again, Murphy has worked to try and reinvent American Horror Story time and time again, always with positive results.

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