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Next Suicide Squad Director: Mel Gibson?

The redemption tour for the Oscar-winning (and nominated) director seems to be in full swing, with Warner Bros. very interested in bringing Gibson into the DC Comics fold.

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It wasn’t long ago when no one in Hollywood would give Mel Gibson the time of day. Now suddenly, he’s one of the town’s most sought-after directors, especially by Warner Bros., who want him to take over Suicide Squad 2.

Although no deal is in place, the studio and the actor-turned-director have been in serious talks, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Bringing in Gibson is a risky move. Not only has he never directed a superhero film (even if it is with super-antiheroes), but not everyone has forgotten why Gibson has been shunned in recent years. And it stems from an arrest in July 2006 when he was arrested for driving under the influence, and reportedly made anti-semitic remarks to the arresting officer, who was Jewish.

Gibson apologized, both through his publicist, and in a televised interview. Yet, no one wanted to work with him – even with later support like Robert Downey Jr. and Jodie Foster pushing for forgiveness.

Hacksaw Ridge changed that. The film, based on the real story of Desmond T. Doss – a U.S. Army medic during World War II, and the first to win the Medal of Honor without firing a shot – was a critical success that earned not only a respectable $156.1 million at the box office, but an Oscar nomination for Gibson.

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