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Jessica Chastain Launching ‘Mercury 13’ Series

Inspired by the film ‘Hidden Figures,’ the ITV Studios America project would focus on women who couldn’t become astronauts during the Kennedy administration.

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Moviegoers really seemed to like the NASA-themed film Hidden Figures that featured some of the under-celebrated female African-American contributions to the early space program.

And now actress Jessica Chastain looks to catch that wave with a new project for ITV Studios America that would focus on a group of women’s unsuccessful attempts to become astronauts during Project Mercury, which actually pre-dates the Apollo space program.

Chastain, who earned Oscar nominations for her work in The Help and Zero Dark Thirty, is set to produce, according to Deadline, along with Todd Komarnicki, who wrote the Tom Hanks film Sully. He’s also set to at least write a pilot featuring what were described as the secret experiments by one NASA scientist to see if women were equally as viable in space as men.

William Randolph Lovelace II, who was killed in a plane crash in 1965, actually tested women as potential astronauts in his own private facility. He required them to be younger than 35, hold a bachelor’s degree and an FAA commercial pilot ratings, and more than 2,000 hours of flying time, according to NASA.


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