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‘Lucifer’ Composer Accused Of Stealing Theme

The Marderosian brothers, known for producing music for television and films, say they never got credit – or compensation – for writing the ‘Lucifer’ theme.

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It’s just six seconds of music, but it plays near the start of every episode of Fox’s DC Comics series Lucifer.

And now the people behind both the show and the music – Warner Bros. Entertainment and Oscar-nominated composer Marco Beltrami are heading to court over those six seconds, accused of copyright infringement among other things.

In a story first published by The Hollywood Reporter, the brothers behind the musical group Heavy Young Heathens. say they’re the ones who created the theme song for Lucifer.

And not only can’t they seem to get on-screen credit for the work, but Warner Bros. won’t pay them either.

Robert Marderosian and Aron Marderosian filed a complaint in a California federal court Thursday demanding a judge force Lucifer to drop the theme song, to pay actual damages exceeding $250,000 (or statutory damages up to $150,000 per infringing work), and to levy punitive damages against Beltrami and his Pianella Music company.

The Marderosian brothers have developed music for a number of television series and movies over the years including The SimpsonsCSI and Teen Wolf among others. It also is responsible for trailer music used by films like The Magnificent SevenDeadpool and The Amazing Spider-Man.

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