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Netflix Award ‘OA,’ ‘Travelers’ With Second Seasons

‘Travelers’ star Eric McCormack will be able to balance this show with NBC’s revival of his 1990s sitcom ‘Will & Grace.’

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Eric McCormack already had made plans this year to star in a revival of the one-time hit NBC series Will & Grace. But now he’ll have to make room for another series after Netflix ordered a second season of his time-hopping adventure drama Travelers.

The good news, according to The Hollywood Reporter? Both shows will work around each other’s schedules, so the Emmy-winning actor can do both.

Created by Stargate’s Brad Wright, the drama takes place hundreds of years in the future, and focuses on the last surviving humans who discover the means of sending consciousness back through time, directly into people in the 21st century. These “travelers’ assume the lives of seemingly random people, while secretly working as teams to perform missions to save humanity from a terrible future.

The series first debuted on Canada’s Showcase last October before making its American debut on Netflix just before Christmas.

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