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Disney Braces For ‘Avatar’ Addition In May

Disneyland, in the meantime, is looking forward to the addition of Star Wars Land.

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With Harry Potter turning Universal Studios Florida into a must-visit destination, Disney World just outside Orlando has found itself in a rare position of catching up.

But that could change in May when Disney’s Animal Kingdom park gets its biggest expansion yet with a world dedicated to James Cameron’s 2009 film Avatar.

Disney has developed the Avatar area since 2011, and could benefit from a number of sequels Cameron has planned, with the first expected to invade theaters next year.

Bob Iger, the chief executive of Disney, told Variety that future movies will help push interest in Animal Kingdom. But the park addition itself could be more than enough as a draw, too.

“This is a very big land with an extremely unique design and architecture, because it does make you feel that you’re in Pandora, the great world (James Cameron) created.”

The new are will be known as “The World of Avatar,” and include a water-ride called Na’vi River Journey, named for the aliens featured in the film. The park also will offer a motion simulator flight ride called Avatar Flight of Passage, along with restaurants and shops.

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