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Kevin Sorbo Lands On ‘Supergirl’ As (Another) New Villain

News comes just days after ‘Lois & Clark’ star Teri Hatcher also was announced as an incoming villain this season on The CW series.

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Supergirl certainly will have her work cut out for her the rest of this season. Not only will she have to face off against a former Lois Lane, but now she’s poised to face Hercules himself – Kevin Sorbo.

The actor, made famous for Hercules: The Legendary Journeys in the 1990s, has signed on to The CW series Supergirl in a recurring role that will make him a new villain Melissa Benoist will face, according to Entertainment Weekly. And if you’re thinking we just reported that former Lois & Clark star Teri Hatcher had signed on to do the same thing, you’re absolutely right.

That means in a matter of days, Supergirl has cast two high-profile actors in geek culture to take on villain roles. Will they be working together? Against each other? In spite of each other? We’re not sure, because The CW isn’t talking.

Although Sorbo might not have the same notoriety he did during his Hercules days, he’s remained quite busy as an actor, and even as a director – even if some of the content is more on the religious side of the spectrum.

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