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Use Captain America In Protest? No Problem

The daughter of the superhero’s co-creator reminds people that Captain America was originally created as a protest in the first place.

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One of the very first pieces of artwork the world got to see of Captain America was the superhero punching out Adolf Hitler.

While the days of World War II are long gone, some Americans and others around the world have opposed a new immigration policy from U.S. President Donald Trump have commandeered the image of Captain America.

And at least one descendant of the character’s creators, Joe Simon and Jack Kirby, has absolutely no problem with that.

Melissa Groben, Simon’s daughter, told The Hollywood Reporter┬áthat while she can’t speak for her father’s estate, personally she has nothing against Captain America being used to represent something other than profits for Disney.

“Captain American has been around for a long time, so anytime there is any turmoil or unrest or disagreement, he pops up. We all find whatever we need in a particular character, whatever that may be. So I can’t say that the way anyone is using the character is wrong. If that’s what they see in the character, then that’s what works for them.”

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