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Michael Bay Explores Trump-Inspired Dystopian Future Flick

Find out what happens when America goes bankrupt, and China calls in more than a trillion dollars in debt.

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Universal Pictures is the highest-grossing studio of 2017 – well, at the moment. But will they have a chance to expand that more by picking up a Michael Bay project?

Bay, who made Paramount Pictures something like $3.8 billion with his Transformers films, is now looking to make a little cash through Universal with a film that some say is completely in-tune with the current state of political affairs.

Universal outbid all other studios to grab the distribution rights to Little America, according to The Hollywood Reporter, that examines a bankrupt America and a China calling in its $1.2 trillion or so debt.

Described by sources as a “sci-fun” story rather than “sci-fi,” the tale is set in a dystopian future where a Donald Trump-like president has bankrupted America and China has called in its debts. The Asian giant now owns the United States, and many Americans have emigrated to China looking for work.

Writing the film is from Rowan Athale, who wrote and direct Wasteland in 2012 (known in the United States as The Rise), and also one of the writers of the upcoming alien invasion science-fiction film Revolt with Halt and Catch Fire star Lee Pace.


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