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Thanos Creator Gets Big Payday … From DC

Jim Starlin said his recent royalty check for the use of a version of KGBeast in ‘Batman v. Superman’ was more than what he’s received for all his Marvel creations combined.

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He’s the creator of some memorable Marvel characters like Guardians of the Galaxy‘s Gamora and the Avengers after-credits big bad Thanos.

But apparently, none of those characters are as valuable for Jim Starlin than Anatoli Knyazev in the DC Comics universe.

Unless you’re a huge comics geek, or remember his small role in last year’s Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, your first question obviously is … “Who?”

That’s because Knyazev’s role was not a big one, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Even though the character could become a supervillain known as KGBeast, Knyazev was more of a hired gun in Dawn of Justice, a Russian warlord who kidnaps both Lois Lane (Amy Adams) and Martha Kent (Diane Lane).

Knyazev is played by Callan Mulvey, and bears little resemblance to the comics character first introduced in 1988, according to the trade publication.

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