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Here’s How A Certain Rebel Leader Showed Up In ‘Rogue One’

A Star Wars expert says many answers can be found in the companion novel to the biggest film of 2016.

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The following story contains potential spoilers for the recent Star Wars anthology film Rogue One. If spoilers aren’t your thing, check out what the next Star Wars movie is going to be called.

One of the bigger questions Star Wars fans had as they left watched the end credits roll for Rogue One the past few weeks wasn’t why Lucasfilm insisted on doing CGI recreations of popular 1970s characters, but instead … how the heck did Princess Leia suddenly show up at the end?

We’re literally right tail end of the Battle of Scarif when Leia – dressed in her flowy white gowns from Star Wars: A New Hope accepts the Death Star plans in all her CGI wonder.

The only problem is, where was Leia throughout the rest of the film … and was that ending simply a shortcut to get us to the events of A New Hope?

Pablo Hidalgo, a recognized Star Wars expert, recently appeared on the official Lucasfilm video podcast The Star Wars Show (courtesy of io9), telling host Andi Gutierrez that just because we don’t see Leia in the events leading up to the end of Rogue One doesn’t mean she wasn’t there.

In fact, Leia was a part of the entire Death Star data recovery plan from the beginning, Hidalgo said, and had been on her way to Tatooine to pick up Obi-Wan Kenobi when she got “sidetracked” into the Battle of Scariff.

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