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CBS Among Suitors Interested In Sony’s Film, TV Divisions

Its old partner Viacom might be looking to sell, but it seems CBS is primed to buy.

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Apparently there’s a lot more riding on the success of The Emoji Movie than people originally thought. Like whether Sony Corp. of America will remain in the film and television business.

Executives at the Tokyo-based company are rumored to be courting suitors interested in taking Sony Pictures Entertainment off its hands. That could mean popular franchises like Spider-Man, Ghostbusters and even the James Bond franchise could end up in someone else’s hands.

While it’s most likely to be sold to some Chinese conglomerate with deep pockets, The New York Post‘s Claire Atkinson hints CBS Corp. could use Sony as a stepping stone to get back into the film business.

Apparently, however, nothing definitive is going to happen until after Sony’s upcoming slate of films come out, including The Emoji Movie in August. The company apparently has a lot riding on that film, despite some early negative reaction to its trailers. Then again, they just convinced Patrick Stewart to voice a pile of poop, so maybe it’s not as bad as we thought.

Part of what has fueled speculation of a potential sale is the fact that chief executive Michael Lynton has left the company, and there’s been no hurry to put someone else in his office.

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