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Details Emerge On What New Axanar Fan-Film Will Be Like

In a letter to donors, Alec Peters also shared additional details of the settlement he struck in the copyright infringement suit by the owners of Star Trek.

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Now that CBS Studios Inc. and Paramount Pictures have settled their copyright infringement lawsuit against the creators of an “independent” Star Trek fan-film, what exactly will Axanar finally produce?

Alec Peters, the principal of Axanar Productions – both of whom were defendants in the lawsuit –  shared some additional details of the settlement to his donors mailing list that was finalized early Friday morning. And yes, it includes actually producing some kind of Star Trek fan-film named Axanar.

“Axanar Productions can produce the story of Axanar, but not as a full-length motion picture feature. Instead we are limited (as all fan-films are now under the fan-film guidelines) to two 15-minute segments that can be distributed on YouTube, etc. We also have to stick to the guidelines regarding the use of the name ‘Star Trek’ in the title of the project, the use of an approved disclaimer, etc.”

Peters is referring to the guidelines CBS and Paramount issued last summer in the wake of the Axanar suit that put restrictions on fans making and distributing fan-films. On what once started as fans filming themselves pretending to be in Star Trek has turned almost into a cottage industry itself, with various fan-films looking to outdo each other in terms of celebrity names it can attract to participate, and how much it can raise from fans to make it.

Axanar was no exception, bringing in the likes of Star Trek: Enterprise‘s Gary Graham and Battlestar Galactica alums Richard Hatch and Kate Vernon. And with that, they also raised $1.4 million, according to court documents, with the promise to expand a “proof of concept” known as “the Vulcan scene” into a feature film called Star Trek: Axanar.

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