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Axanar Judge Closes Book On Klingon Language Debate

The copyright infringement case against the so-called ‘independent’ Star Trek fan-film will continue without the unsolicited input from the Language Creation Society.

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A federal judge trying a copyright infringement case against a so-called “independent” Star Trek fan-film made quick work of one group’s attempt to push the Klingon language into the public domain, saying once again that copyright issue isn’t part of this particular case.

R. Gary Klausner issued his decision against the California-based Language Creation Society Thursday, explaining that his orderĀ earlier this week that brought the copyright case against Axanar Productions and its principal Alec Peters to trial, made the entire discussion of whether the Klingon language can be copyrighted a “moot” point.

Even more, the court never addressed the language, and has no plans to, meaning the current legal status of the Klingon language will remain the same for now.


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