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ComicMix Calls Its Star Trek-Dr. Seuss Mash-Up A Parody

Attorneys for the publishing company want a Los Angeles judge to dismiss a copyright and trademark suit filed against it by the Dr. Seuss estate.

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Attorneys representing a publishing company that wanted to create a mash-up book of Star Trek and Dr. Seuss have asked a Los Angeles federal judge to dismiss a copyright and trademark infringement suit, calling its book – Oh, the Places You’ll Boldly Go! – a parody.

Dan Booth and Michael Licari, attorneys representing Connecticut-based ComicMix, filed the request Monday. While they admit the book – written by Star Trek‘s “Trouble With Tribbles” episode writer David Gerrold and illustrated by Ty Templeton – borrows from both worlds of Star Trek and Dr. Seuss, they also maintain that they’re protected by legal “fair use” of copyrighted materials and the suit itself is a waste of time.

“This case presents a simple question: May an author’s estate use the courts to stymie publication of a book that makes critical, parodic use of the author’s books? On the facts alleged, the answer must be no.

“The Copyright Act, the Lanham Act and the First Amendment fully protect ComicMix’s right to comment and build on Dr. Seuss’ works. The law does not place his beloved works above parody, beyond critical commentary, or past the reach of cultural transformation and nominative use.”

The project launched earlier this year by ComicMix, Gerrold and Templeton, through a Kickstarter campaign that would produce a book that, according to the publishers, would parody the popular Dr. Seuss book, Oh, the Places You’ll Go! which was first published in 1990.


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