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Star Trek Attorneys Invoke Star Wars In Axanar Copyright Lawsuit

Both sides in the legal case make one last plea to convince a judge to end the copyright infringement case before it goes to trial next month.

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You know the world is about to explode when a lawsuit focused on Star Trek brings up – gasp! – Star Wars.

rogue-one-score-mediumDavid Grossman, an attorney representing both CBS Studios and Paramount Pictures told a Los Angeles federal judge Monday that if fans were allowed to produce and distribute any Star Trek story they wanted, what would stop them from doing their own Star Wars prequel, like Rogue One, “so long as their ‘independent, professional film’ did not feature Luke Skywalker and Han Solo.”

The statement was part of court filings in the studios’ copyright infringement lawsuit against Axanar Productions and its principal Alec Peters, defendants both CBS and Paramount say went way too far in creating an “independent” fan-film called Star Trek: Axanar.

Both sides are trying to convince a judge to rule on at least parts of the case before it even goes to trial next month. While any type of summary judgment is unexpected, Grossman poked holes in Axanar’s defense that because Star Trek is so vast, using bits and pieces of it to create a new story in the same universe is “transformative,” and outside of the the copyrights owned by both CBS and Paramount.


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