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Emmy-Nominated Director To Helm Trek TV Premiere

David Semel is a television veteran, including ‘American Horror Story’

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Bryan Fuller isn’t taking the route of some television pilots and premieres by bringing in some big-time movie director to set the pace. Instead, he has hired David Semel — a name you probably wouldn’t recognize — to help lay the groundwork for the new Star Trek television series.

Semel will direct the premiere, which is set to air on CBS in January. He’s probably best known in the genre for his work on shows like “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” “Roswell” and “American Horror Story.”

However, Semel likely caught Fuller’s eye because he helmed the pilot of NBC’s “Heroes” in 2006, which excited an entire fanbase and actually earned him an Emmy nomination that year. He would lose to Alan Taylor from “The Sopranos,” but it turned Semel into a hot director.

Fuller is expected to release more details of the new Star Trek series, including its name and possibly some casting, at San Diego Comic-Con on Saturday. While some of the writers have been revealed, Semel is the first big name shared for the director’s chair.

Semel got his directing start on the short-lived Fox series “Open House” in 1989. He would later get regular directing stints on other shows, especially on Fox, like “Beverly Hills, 90210.”

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