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Trek Online Players Confused About Ferengi Ship Offer

Game developer won’t reveal criteria on how gold-plated ship is awarded

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The email touted a “glorious ship, just for you.” It offered a gold-plated Ferengi Nagus Marauder ship that was “sure to stand out on your missions throughout the final frontier.”

The ship isn’t real, of course. Instead, it’s a perk in the massively multiplayer online game Star Trek Online, and was sent out to select subscribers in the game. And we mean very select — so pin-pointed, the company behind the game won’t reveal what criteria they used to award the in-game object.

“The gold-plated (Tier 6) Ferengi ship was sent out to a select group of players as part of an email-specific promotion,” a spokesperson from game developer Perfect World told Massively Overpowered‘s Justin Olivetti. “Unfortunately, we aren’t able to reveal any additional information as it goes against our policy to protect the privacy of our community members.”

The ship offer first popped up on a Reddit site dedicated to the game with a simple question: “What’s this?”

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