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Paramount Resurrects Rejected Script For ‘Star Trek 4’

Maybe the studio is now OK with being a little too ‘Star Trek-y’?

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If you were a little surprised that J.J. Abrams revealed the script for “Star Trek 4” already is written, you wouldn’t be alone. Especially since “Star Trek: Beyond” — which debuts this weekend — had a script in the works almost up until it was time to go in front of the cameras.

But there’s a reason why Abrams and his team were able to plan ahead, however. Because “Star Trek 4” was supposed to be “Star Trek 3.”

Paramount officially announced the next film Monday, and added one small caveat: The script will be written by J.D. Payne and Patrick McKay.

Those names might sound familiar, and they should. Payne and McKay were the writers attached to “Star Trek 3” when Roberto Orci was still directing. It was reported to be a time-travel romp that Paramount ultimately rejected because, according to “Beyond” co-writer Simon Pegg, it was “too Star Trek-y.”

With Abrams’ announcement that Kirk’s dead father George, played by Thor’s Chris Hemsworth, is returning on what is likely a time-travel adventure, it probably shouldn’t have been a surprise that Paramount opened the almost-recent vault.

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