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‘New Voyages’ Sets Will Open To Public

It requires a trek to Upstate New York, but it’s probably worth it

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There’s a good chance that no more new episodes of the fan-film “Star Trek: New Voyages” will be produced. But that doesn’t mean the meticulously constructed re-creation of the original “Star Trek” sets will sit in the dark.

James Cawley, the producer behind “New Voyages,” is now opening those sets to the public in Ticonderoga, New York. The project, which has been licensed by CBS Consumer Products, will begin July 30 and include guided tours and photo opportunities.

“To me, there is no other franchise around that is more enjoyable and more socially relevant than Star Trek,” Cawley said, in a release. “I’m very thankful for all the support I’ve received on this project, and can’t wait to begin welcoming my fellow fans this summer.”

“New Voyages” was not the first Trek fan-film to be distributed online, but it became one of the most prominent ones, primarily because of both the massive set construction in Upstate New York, and Cawley’s passion.


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