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Korean Trailer Gives First Look Of Sulu’s Family

First gay spouse is actually a cameo by co-writer Doug Jung

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South Koreans are getting some of their final looks at “Star Trek: Beyond” before the film debuts there Aug. 25. But they’re getting the first look at what has become a somewhat minor Trek controversy over Hikaru Sulu’s family.

The trailer, which reportedly debuted this past week in the Asian country, shows a quick scene of people running to shelters, according to TrekCore. That scene reportedly takes place on the Yorktown station (named after what the USS Enterprise was originally going to be called), and wouldn’t have gained too much attention if it wasn’t for who was in the scene.

A man is carrying a young girl frantically, and he’s wearing a wedding ring. The girl is none other than the young actress already revealed as young Demora Sulu. Carrying her, by the way, is “Beyond” co-writer Doug Jung, who apparently is making a cameo as Sulu’s husband.

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