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Trek Writer, Fan-Film At Odds Over Takei Episode

Marc Scott Zicree is rewriting history, ‘New Voyages’ producer says

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Marc Scott Zicree might not be the first name you think of when it comes to Star Trek. But he has made his mark in a couple of ways, including the story for the popular “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine” episode that pulled everyone out of their makeup, “Far Beyond the Stars.”

His writing since then has been a mix of “Sliders” episodes, some animated series work, and the 2007 “Star Trek: New Voyages” episode “World Enough and Time.”

This was an episode that more or less helped put fan-films on the map, and featured a guest appearance by George Takei, who has been in the news this week after “Star Trek: Beyond” revealed the Sulu character he originated would come out as gay.

Zicree has made no secret of his dislike for the recent fan-film guidelines issued by CBS Corp. and Paramount Pictures, and has continued to show support for the fan-film the two studios sued for copyright infringement, “Star Trek: Axanar.” In fact, Zicree visited the official Axanar website to explain why fan-films like “World Enough and Time” need that professional touch.

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