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CBS, Paramount Release Much-Anticipated Fan-Film Guidelines

Studios say it will return productions ‘back to their roots’

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In the wake of its copyright infringement lawsuit against an “independent” fan-film, CBS Corp. and Paramount Pictures for the first time have released fan-film guidelines. And they are expected to drastically change how fan-films move forward.

“Your support, enthusiasm and passion are the reasons that Star Trek has flourished for five decades, and will continue long into the future,” the studios said in a statement at “You are the reason the original ‘Star Trek’ series was rescued and renewed in 1968, and the reason it has endured as an iconic and multi-generational phenomenon that has spawned seven television series and 13 movies.

“Throughout the years, many of you have expressed your love for the franchise through creative endeavors such as fan-films. So today, we want to show our appreciation by bringing fan-films back to their roots.”

The guidelines, the studios say, are not intended to provide any type of license to fan-films. Instead, they are designed to help fans avoid objections from or even legal action from CBS and Paramount.


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