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Fan-Films: We Weren’t Involved In ‘Axanar’ Guidelines

Very little support for Alec Peters’ attempts at fan unity

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CBS Corp. and Paramount Pictures are reportedly working on Star Trek fan-film guidelines that could change the world such hobby productions currently exist. And Alec Peters — who, along with his fan-film company Axanar Productions, are being sued by the two studios for copyright infringement — was not invited.

So Peters thought he would put together a fan-film coalition of his own to draft guidelines. Except it now seems no one really showed up.

Just days after Peters revealed his proposed fan-film guidelines as well as the producers he said contributed to the discussion, nearly all of them disavowed not just the proposed guidelines, but Axanar and Peters themselves.

“I want to make myself quite clear on this point,” Nick Cook, the producer of the fan production “Starship Intrepid” told his Facebook followers. “Star Trek is the property of CBS/Paramount. As fans, we have no standing and no rights to play in that sandbox. The owners of Star Trek have been nothing but graceful and accepting of fan works over the last 15 years, and they have every right to decide where the line is drawn on such things. We do not.”

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