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Axanar Offers Fan-Film Guidelines Of Its Own

Embattled ‘independent’ production gets help from other producers

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Settlement talks apparently continue between the studios that own Star Trek — CBS Corp. and Paramount Pictures — and a fan-film they said went to far, “Star Trek: Axanar.” With the announcement of those talks a week ago, the studios also surprised everyone by saying it was creating guidelines for fan-films.

Not to be left out, “Axanar” — which appears to be the very reason why CBS and Paramount are looking to create fan-film guidelines to begin with — have come up with some suggestions of their own. And Axanar Productions’ principal, Alec Peters, has apparently brought a few other fan-film producers on board.

AxaMonitor, a site dedicated solely to the copyright infringement lawsuit CBS and Paramount filed against Axanar Productions and Peters last December, says it has obtained a copy of the proposed fan-film guidelines that. Among other things, it would eliminate “perks” given in fundraising campaigns (as what also seems to be like “donor stores” that Axanar maintains), it would remove the ability for fan productions to pay principals like the $38,000 Peters says he received from donations last year, and it would limit time of productions to 50 minutes.

“I just felt that all the active fan-films should be able to share their thoughts together in a constructive way,” Peters told a blog run by an Axanar supporter, according to AxaMonitor. “Most of them don’t speak to CBS, and clearly we are communicating with them regularly, so it felt like the right thing to do.”

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