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Trek’s Prime Universe ‘Closed For Business’?

Latest rumor suggests new series will take place in AbramsVerse

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There might have been a little bit of truth to some of the gossip last month about the new Star Trek series planned for CBS All Access.

A source tells 1701News that the series, set to debut in January on the subscription streaming service, could be a prequel of sorts, taking place after Capt. Kirk and his voyages of the USS Enterprise. With one catch — it won’t be in the prime universe of Star Trek pre-2009, but instead set in the new universe brought to us by J.J. Abrams.

“There is apparently a contingent within CBS that views the prime universe closed for business,” said the source, who asked not to be named. “And there is something to that. The last hour of prime universe Star Trek was filmed 12 years ago. Meanwhile, there have been three films set in the new universe. The faction says it would be ludicrous to return to the shackles of the prime universe and confuse new viewers.”

If such a rumor were true — and remember, this has not been confirmed by anyone at CBS, so it should be treated as any rumor — this could mark a major sea change for CBS, which has avoided stepping into the movie universe that is now owned by a separate company, Paramount Pictures. The Star Trek rights split with the Viacom Inc. breakup at the end of 2005, spinning off CBS Corp. with all the television and library rights to Star Trek, and keeping Paramount Pictures in the new Viacom, complete with the film rights and film library.

READ THE FULL STORY on our sister site, 1701News.

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