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Is Star Trek Online Planning An AbramsVerse Crossover?

A new uniform, claimed leaked screencaps from game, say yes

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Star Trek Online may be preparing to do something not even the CBS or Paramount side of Star Trek have done before — cross universe streams.

Eliot Lefebve at Massively Overpowered has pointed out a non-player character who has popped up in the online game. And while he’s not key to anything going on in the story, one thing that caught Lefebve’s eye is not what he says (or lacks saying), but instead what he’s wearing.

“The tunic is not a single piece, but rather a black undershirt with a colored overshirt,” Lefebve said. “The insignia is in silver and is a separate piece from the tunic. Furthermore, the tunic is a ribbed mesh material.”

What Lefebve is trying to say is that this NPC is wearing a Kirk-era uniform. But not the kind we expected for the upcoming time-traveling expansion that will take us back to the original “Star Trek” days. Instead, it’s the one that takes us to a different Kirk era. The one starring Chris Pine, and directed by J.J. Abrams.

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