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‘Trouble With Tribbles’ Guest William Schallert Dies

Also appeared in two DS9 episodes, one as a Bajoran musician

nilz Series

Mainstream television fans might know him from his days on “The Patty Duke Show,” but original “Star Trek” fans are now having to say good-bye to Nilz Baris.

That was the character William Schallert played in the popular “Trek” episode “The Trouble With Troubles.” Schallert, who would go on to a prolific television and film career with more than 370 credits, died Sunday in Pacific Palisades, California. He was 93.

Schallert’s character of Baris was an undersecretary in charge of agricultural affairs along the Federation’s border with the Klingon Empire, according to Memory Alpha. Baris is the one who brings Capt. Kirk and the USS Enteprise to Deep Space Station K-7 to protect the grain, which was later consumed quite quickly by Tribbles.

That was enough to get Baris to threaten Kirk with a hearing in front of a board of inquiry, but the Tribbles actually saved the day, because it proved the grain was, in fact, poison.

Schallert would appear in “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine” in archival footage for the anniversary episode “Trials and Tribble-ations.” However, he also would make his own guest spot on the spinoff show before that, as the Bajoran musician Varani in the second season episode “Sanctuary.” He had some brief scenes with Major Kira, played by Nana Visitor, where his character had hoped she would convince the provisional government to rebuild a performance center he once played in.

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