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So About That Borg Alcove …

Jeri Ryan explains the large conversation piece in her on-the-market mansion

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At first glance, the Borg alcove in Jeri Ryan’s activity room in her house looks completely out of place. But then again, even a house with such distinct French connections as the mansion she put up for sale in March must have a little bit of Star Trek, in it, right?

Ryan started decorating her house even before she and her husband Christophe Émé were married in 2007.

“Christophe and I looked at literally hundreds of magazines and books about France, and specifically Provence, pulling images and ideas,” Ryan recently told the Los Angeles Times. “Then our designer, Adaline Fagen of Espace Design, really pulled it all together. We wanted it to look like a hundreds-of-years-old farmhouse in Provence.”

Her stone fireplace, for example, dates to 1755. The columns are from the 18th century. And her kitchen uses a century-old reclaimed terra cotta floor.

It’s all authentic, except when it came to the activity room, or what Ryan calls “the great room.” It’s here where Ryan would entertain guests, and where her husband could sit and watch French television, since that’s the only room with a French satellite collection.

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