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Trek Author Chronicles His Days With Axanar

Dave Galanter says he was just trying to help, but the fan-film quickly flamed out of control

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Fans of the Star Trek novels would certainly recognize the name Dave Galanter. Yet, the author considers himself more of an occasional novelist rather than a career one.

His library includes a few books he co-wrote with Greg Brodeur, like the 1994 “Star Trek: The Next Generation” novel “Foreign Foes,” and the 2001 two-parter “Dead Zone” and “Forever Dark” in the Maximum Warp series. He even penned a “Star Trek: New Voyages” episode, “Enemy: Starfleet,” that was released in 2011. In fact, Galanter considers “New Voyages” co-creator James Cawley a friend.

Despite spending his days in the world of technology outside of writing, Galanter loves Star Trek, and loves pitching in wherever someone asks. So when Cawley put Galanter and Alec Peters together soon after “Enemy: Starfleet” was produced, Galanter was more than happy to at least say hello.

“James introduced me to Alec Peters, who had this idea for a fan-film that was going to be filmed on the ‘New Voyages’ set, and that he was in the process of writing it,” Galanter told 1701News. “I think he had maybe an act or two sketched out, and he asked me if I would read it and if I would give him some feedback.”

This was nothing new for Galanter. He had quietly worked with new writers in the past, helping them to hone their craft, and maybe even strengthen their stories or characters. So when he saw the first draft of what would become “Star Trek: Axanar,” it piqued his interest.

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