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Axanar Won’t Back Down From Dismissal Motion

PLUS: Did Axanar claim it was ‘officially sanctioned’?

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With a hearing just two weeks away, the attorney representing the fan-film “Star Trek: Axanar” filed paperwork with the court Monday that reinforces its position that the two studios who own the copyright to Star Trek have failed to make an infringement claim against her client.

Erin Ranahan, a pro bono attorney with Winston & Strawn, defended her motion to dismiss she filed a month ago, arguing that CBS and Paramount have no standing to make the copyright claims, that the studios failed to properly identify the copyrights they said were infringed, and that there’s no finished work for the studios to sue over.

“In a misguided effort to squash defendants’ creativity in telling an original story about an obscure character that appeared in only one 1969 Star Trek episode, plaintiff’s opposition shows that their strategy is to avoid properly framing this copyright action” by focusing on “unprotected elements and irrelevant works, refusing to identify the specific infringed works at issue, and premature claiming infringement against a work that is not complete,” Ranahan wrote in defense of her motion.

“But plaintiffs cannot simply rely on their boundless claims to an amorphous, extended Star Trek universe when pursuing claims against defendants in a narrow dispute,” she added.

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