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Fan-Film Makes Last-Ditch Effort To Salvage Fundraising

‘Star Trek Continues’ publicly distances itself from embattled ‘Axanar’

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With less than two weeks remaining, “Star Trek Continues” producer Vic Mignogna is doing everything he can to try and raise $350,000 for more episodes of his popular fan-film series — even climb to the peak of Vasquez Rocks.

The 930-acre park, located about 45 miles north of Los Angeles, is a popular television and movie location setting, including episodes of the original “Star Trek,” and the Vulcan scenes from “Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home.” Mignogna used the geological park as a setting for what could be a final plea to get three more episodes of “Continues” funded — a goal that is about $110,000 short.

The fundraising struggles are new for “Continues,” which last year sought to raise just $100,000, but actually doubled that in 30 days. Now, two months into this particular campaign, “Continues” has pulled in a little more than $140,000, well short of the requested $350,000.

Mignogna publicly acknowledged the fundraising problems earlier this month when he told The Bronze Review blog that “there are a lot of scared folks out there, afraid to donate to a fan production due to the climate now.”

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