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Did Alexander Courage Steal ‘Star Trek’ Theme?

Nicholas Meyer says maybe, Richard Arnold says no

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The last several weeks have been busy for Nicholas Meyer.

The two-time Star Trek movie director first joined the writing staff of the new Star Trek series for CBS All Access. He sold his Palisades-based home for $5.4 million.

And he accused the late composer Alexander Courage of possibly lifting his famous “Star Trek” theme fanfare from a 1951 movie.

“There can be no doubt that much original music has been composed for the series and its various spinoffs and feature film descendants,” Meyer wrote in a letter to the Los Angeles Times on April 3. “But it is questionable whether Alexander Courage’s familiar fanfare is among them.”

Meyer pointed to the theme to the 1951 film “Captain Horatio Hornblower R.N.” from composer Robert Farnon, which he says “eerily resembles Courage’s ‘Star Trek’ motif.”

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